What kind of traffic do you accept?

What kind of traffic do you accept?

All visitors must come from a web page. All traffic sent to MonadPlug must be in a full-size window with toolbars, location, scroll bars, etc.

If none of the aforementioned applies to you, then you should contact support and explain how you plan to send traffic to MonadPlug.

We do not accept PTC (paid-to-click), hit-leap, or artificial traffic generated by a device, program, or robot. In such cases, we will detect it and terminate your account.

We do not accept websites containing the following content:

- Hacking of Phreaking,

- Containing or linking to any form of illegal activity,

- Racial, ethnic, political, hate-mongering or otherwise objectionable content,

- Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others,

- Chat or forum abuse, unsolicited e-mail (SPAM).

To learn more about our necessary requirements, visit our Terms of Service through the following link: 


Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by submitting a ticket via https://help.monadplug.com/portal/en/newticket, sending a message to our 24/7 Live Chat service, or via contact@monadplug.com.
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